WELLNESS Desiccated Coconut is the dried flesh of the coconut meat that has been grated. Desiccated coconut comes mainly in two variety of sizes from powder to much larger. Depending on size of particles its called Fine DC, Medium DC and Large DC.


Health Benefits

  • High in Manganese.
  • Dietary Fiber - fulfilling 12 percent of a man's requirement and 18 percent of a woman's.
  • High in Copper - production of collagen and red blood cells and in promoting the absorption of iron.
  • Selenium - serving of dried coconut supplies 9.4 percent of this requirement.


  • Confectionery.
  • Cooking.
  • An ingredient in savory and sweet recipes.
  • As a topping or coating.
  • Used as a snack.
  • Added to hot or cold cereal.
  • As an addition to baked goods.

Retail Packaging

  • Polythene Pouch - 1Kg.

Bulk Packaging

  • 5Kg Paper Craft Bag with Inner Polythene.
  • 25Kg Paper Craft Bag with Inner Polythene.
  • 50Kg Paper Craft Bag with Inner Polythene.