Hello Agri Foods (Pvt) Ltd is an integrated company that cultivate and process coconut kernel based products under the brand name “WELLNESS”. Our product range is very wide to ensure one stop shop to customer.The head-office and the factory is located in

No 340/1,Pallawadampitiya, Demataluwa,Kurunegala,Sri Lanka.

The most central location to all cultivating lands.

Hello Agri Foods (Pvt) Ltd is a company which is well equipped with modern state-of-the-art production facilities and committed to excellence in all its endeavors with a very knowledgeable and competent staff who are keen on quality and hygiene of its products and services.

“WELLNESS” is the flagship brand of Hello Agri Foods Foods (Pvt) Ltd Limited, a fully Sri Lankan owned company. Our primary business focus is to supply the domestic and the international market with high quality edible oil and products that are made of coconut at your target price, and to your target scale.

We at Hello Agri Foods (Pvt) Ltd use internationally accepted physical refining processes for crude oil refining, “WELLNESS” products are guaranteed free from harmful chemicals & its further assured to be trans-free and consumer safe with high nutrition value. Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction would remain our core values. Our vision is to create a healthy and a prosperous future for the generations to come. All our products are MADE WITH HEARTas per our company MOTTO.

Our products are sold under the brand name “WELLNESS” for our retail and wholesale clients/bulk purchasers locally. But our international buyers are permitted to sell/market our products under their own brand names if they wish to do so without any limitations or conditions.

We are a vertically integrated company that is in full control of our supply chain from sourcing our raw materials to manufacturing our final products and distributing them to our consumers. And also as a result of our expertise and usage of modern technology we are at present achieving an operational efficiency much higher than what is achieved by the other players in the industry. Furthermore our organization has a very flat structure which enables us to make decisions fast and also keep our overhead cost at the lowest.

As a policy all the cost benefits we gain through our operational efficiency, is yours by way of attractive prices.

“WELLNESS” products and it’s manufacturing facilities have internationally accepted certifications.